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About BBDG


The Western economy is becoming more and more dependant on the so called ‘knowledge economy’. The need for innovations today is more essential than ever. Due to the many price wars in all kinds of businesses and increasing world-wide transparency, the business world is quickly transforming into an environment where only real innovations can drive sustainable growth. Luckily there is still an abundance of strong prospects for new ideas and products. However: unfortunately many of these propositions never make it to the market, more then often due to the inability to effectively an efficiently execute all essential elements necessary for a successful go-to-market process.


The mission of BBDG is to introduce new products into the marketplace by combining our expertise and experience with others. And thus, together with the original inventor or entrepreneur, create success in a pragmatic, no-nonsense manner. Our approach towards the new idea or invention is one of partnership. BBDG is able to provide proven added value in every step of the go-to-market process, from the initial intake and legal protection of an idea to the final market introduction.