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From concept to marketintroduction

Your idea

You have a brillant idea, a technical innovation for the business-to-business market, an interesting proposition for a niche market or a commercial product for the consumer market. But how do your transform your idea into something tangible? Coming up with a new and interesting proposition is one thing. But successfully introducing a new product or service in the market demands additional expertise. BBDG offers this expertise based on years of experience in market analysis, product development and marketing combined with a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach. This combination is what forms our added value.

Your idea is in good hands with the people from BBDG. We quickly evaluate whether your product is ready for a market introduction and if not, actively provide support in further assessing what needs te be done to make it ready for introduction, varying from legal protection to financing and from prototyping to production. BBDG makes a business plan and provides the transparent and tailor made support necessary for your product or idea. We believe this procss is most effective when performed by a small focussed group of dedicated people.

In the various fields of expertise, BBDG works closely with partners who have a proven track record in their particular kind of business such as industrial design, financing, production and marketing communication.