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Industrial Design & Prototyping

NPK Industrial Design

A strong partner in the development, design, and realization of extremely diverse products - that is npk industrial design. Strategic advice and concept development, product development, engineering, and supply management are part and parcel of the services provided. npk enters co-operative ventures with partners in essentially complementary areas: in technological areas on the one hand, and in the field of marketing and sales on the other.

NPK's activities cover the following three design fields:
Industrial design (professional, consumer, home & office)
Public design (infrastructure, signage, street furniture & lighting)
Graphic design (infographics, corporate identity, packaging & display)

The office is renowned for its power of innovation, originality, knowledge, precision, and pragmatic approach. It is exactly this combination of innovative power, creativity, and systematic operation that generates added value to our clients. Our approach has led to easy-to-produce solutions by means of which the products distinguish themselves in professional and consumer markets, as well as in public spaces. 

NPK has 50 employees and offices in Leiden, The Netherlands, and Hamburg, Germany.