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BBDG is currently partner in the following projects:


After Philips introduced the extremely successful Airfryer on the consumer market, with aworldwide sale of over 3.5 million products, BBDG is currently developing a version for theprofessional market. The Airfryer is thé healthy alternative to deep-frying, using no oil or fatbut a patented hot-air technology. Its compact size, swift return on investment and a highlevel of customer satisfaction make this machine suitable for various professional users,from sports club to renowned restaurant. At the moment we are exploring our options fordistribution with various potential partners.


BBDG is partner of Hong Kong based Cerasol. In cooperation with Korean company Techlandthey developed a ceramic coating of which the composition as well as the producttechnology is patented. This coating is inorganic and thus environmental friendly. It isextremely heat-resistant, has a long-lasting durability and adhesion and has anti-allergicqualities. It can be used in consumer products, such as cooking- and baking appliances, hair-styling instruments and domestic appliances, but also in products for the b2b market, suchas the building and construction industry. BK and Blanc ( areexamples of manufacturers already using this revolutionary coating.


A recent start-up focusing on manufacturing heated clothing, using a patented technology.Products for consumers as well as professional markets are in development.


Sinuses are air-filled spaces in the skull. These sinuses can become blocked, resulting in allsorts of complaints like headaches and dizziness. Sinuses can also become infected.MediSinus is a patented technology with a double function, clearing (the fluids in) thesinuses and improving the administration of anti-inflammatory medication. At the momentwe are preparing clinical tests.


BBDG is partner of Respinova, an Israeli company that is part of a conglomerate of start-ups.Respinova is about to introduce PulseHaler on the market. This is a medical appliancedeveloped in two versions; one version can be used for therapeutic treatment of lungdiseases, such as COPD and one version for an improved administration of airwaymedication. This technology is patented and two positive clinical tests have proved theireffect.


The ReviView is a method for treating lazy eyes developed by VisiorTech. Instead of usingunpleasant eye drops or eye plasters, this method uses the self-healing ability of the brain byletting patients watch their favourite movies while wearing revolutionary video glasses. Thegood eye has to watch through a hazy lens while the lazy eye can see sharp and clear. Theseglasses make a treatment fun and relaxed, as well as being effective. After two positiveclinical tests the product is now being fine-tuned and will be introduced on the market in2016.

Safe & white

A few years ago a Dutch dentist discovered a unique formula to whiten teeth without usingaggressive peroxide. The formula was developed and patented by Ardoz Research. BBDGand Admix built the brand and set-up a distribution strategy and marketing campaign for theBritish market. Within 9 months after introduction Vitint Safe & White became marketleader of their product category at Boots, the largest chemist’s chain of the United Kingdom.


Peripheral arterial disease, also known as intermittent claudication, is a serious and commoncondition caused by poor circulation of blood in the arteries of the leg, limiting the supply ofoxygen to leg muscles. Due to longer life expectancy and an increase in diseases likediabetes and obesities, this disease will occur more often in the future. Current treatments,such as hospitalization, vascular surgery, skin grafting and intensive medication are costlyand burdening for patients and the health care industry alike.BBDG supports the development of VascuActive, a therapy stimulating the self-healingability of the vascular system by using a combination of positive and negative pressure andvibration on arteries. Two clinical tests show encouraging positive results. At the momentwe are looking at several investment options to further develop this promising therapy forpractical use.