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From concept to market introduction

The BBDG 7-Step program

The BBDG 7-step program is a proven formula covering all phases and areas of expertise necessary to successfully introduce a new product or service into the market. Naturally it is possible that you have already covered one or more phases from the 7- step program, for example the patent or the fabrication of a prototype. Or perhaps you only need financial support for the final launch of an already developed product or advise in composing the right marketingmix.

Step 1: Intake

The first step is making yourself heard. You can contact us for a personal meeting.  Naturally your idea will be treated with the utmost confidentiality (also see step 2).

Step 2: Confidentiality declaration

Perhaps you prefer to have a confidentiality declaration drafted by your or our legal partners before exposing the details of your idea. You can indicate this on the intake form. However, we would still like to make it perfectly clear that from a legal point of view, even without this confidentiality declaration, all right remain reserved for the owner of the idea, unless both parties have agreed otherwise.

Step 3: Evaluation & Feedback

After having received your contact form, BBDG will evaluate your idea based on various criteria. Does it have potential in our opinion? From a technical perspective, is it feasible? Does it already exist? Is it possible to protect the idea in the form of a patent? What are the expected investments and returns on investment? 

Usually BBDG makes the evaluation based on her own knowledge and/or experience. However, in case of complex technologies or niche markets, BBDG might decide, after consultation with you or your company, to outsource this in the form of a market- or feasibility study. Part of this step is also a patent check to see if the idea is already, or can be, protected. After the full evaluation, BBDG will advise you on the necessary next steps.

Step 4: Financial & Legal Framework

Your idea has been approved in the sense that the proposition has been judged strong enough to take it to the next level. We will now turn to the financial and legal framework. What investment is required? What are the expected rates of return? Will you be financing the go-to-market process yourself or do you prefer to examine and make use of our or alternative access to capital? How will the rights be divided between the various participants? It is not uncommon for BBDG to advise you to get a second opinion in this phase. 

After coming to agreement on the financial and legal details, these will be noted and registered by the legal partners.

Step 5: Industrial design & prototype

When your idea is a tangible product, it has to be specifically designed and developed. BBDG works in close cooperation with authoritative partners in Europe on the field of industrial design, for example NPK, famous for their outstanding development and design of the Heineken/Krups beertender.

The following manufacturing of a prototype is a complex and costly operation. BBDG here also works with fixed partners who are the best in their business such as PC in Hong Kong. When the prototype has been approved, it will form the basis for further negotiations with, among others, manufacturers, distributors or venture capitalists.

Step 6: Production

When the prototype has been approved, there are basically two options. The first is sell the prototype itself. The second is to take the prototype into production yourself. BBDG has an extensive network of manufacturers in the Far East in various kinds of business who have a proven trackrecord when it comes to reliability and quality.

Step 7: Go-to-market

The final step is the real introduction of a product or idea into the market. The 'final destination' can vary from international manufacturers, distributors or retailers to venture capitalists or investment banks. If your product is a durable non-food product, in exceptional cases and depending on the kind of business, BBDG may decide to introduce the product in the market.

Referring to all the communication around the market introduction, BBDG has linked up with internationally specialised and renowned partners in the area of marketing and advertising with expertise in the consumer- as well as the business-to-business market. For more ICT related products BBDG uses the expertise of Yes2Web, based on the grounds of the Technical University of Delft.