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BBDG assists inventors and entrepreneurs with a unique idea in their journey towards a successful market introduction. Based on years of experience in the field of market analysis, product development and sales and marketing combined with a pragmatic and result driven approach, BBDG has successfully introduced various inventions and innovations to the market. 

BBDG is not a consultancy, does not work on a ‘fee-per-hour’ basis and interviews take place on an informal basis. When BBDG is able to assist you, it will do so by means of joint participation, sometimes accompanied by a financial investment.
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Do you have a good idea and want to maximize it to it's full potential?

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< h2>Key success factors
  • Small, multi-functional team, personal guidance focussed on your project
  • Years of experience in the corporate environment
  • Extensive network of partners in various fields of expertise

How to present your idea to BBDG?

At the moment we are working on many promising and successful projects. Unfortunately we are therefor unable to take-on new projects or consider new ideas.


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Brocker Business Development Group
Prinsenweg 97
2242ED Wassenaar
The Netherlands
T + 31 (0) 70 - 51 19717