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Marketing & Communications

Admix is a full service communication agency with professionals in strategy, art, copy, publicrelations, design and internet. As a typical Rotterdam-based company we are down-to- earth,practical and result-driven. We are honest and upright entrepreneurs.In more than 40 years Admix has established an excellent reputation. With a rating of beingin the top three of best Dutch agencies in client satisfaction, rating an average score of 8.1 inthe most resent poll.BBDG’s management has been working with Admix for many years. Together theydeveloped several brands and campaigns, for companies such as Braun, Oral-B, Gilette,Duracell and Safe& White.Admix employs 30 professionals, is a member of the VEA (Dutch association forcommunication agencies) and works with the more than 300 member agencies of TheNetwork One.